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Tim’s Tips

The Ever-Ready family would like to wish you and your family a warm and safe winter!

How to prepare for winter:

  • Take your hoses off the outside faucets.
  • If you have turbine roof vents, cover them or secure them from spinning.
  • Winterize yard irrigation systems, as they are not made to withstand freezing temperatures.
  • Get your furnace or any other type of heating systems checked for safety and operational efficiencies.
  • Inspect caulking of windows, crevices and cracks to make sure your interior is protected from the winter weather.
  • Winterize any exposed pipe closets or out buildings.
  • Have water heaters inspected as the cold water does increase chances of leakage and insufficient temperatures for use.
  • Inspection of your flue is most important, especially if your roof has been recently replaced.

Did you know...
If you have a Heat Pump, it is important to understand the operation of your Heat Pump to get the most use out of your system. Please call Ever-Ready with any questions or concerns with your system.

The natural gas company has gas pressures in a lot of neighborhoods that fluctuate from season to season. It’s recommended that you have your heaters adjusted each year to maximize your efficiency.

Safety for your family and peak performance of your system is what a preventative maintenance program is all about.  Please call our office at 722-2491 to become part preventative maintenance program, which includes two visits per year and each of the following services:

  • Thorough cleaning of your furnace (seasonal)
  • Inspecting system electrical and mechanical components
  • Inspecting system flue for safety
  • Checking system duct air flow
  • Inspecting total system operation
  • Adjusting gas pressure as necessary
  • Checking condensation draining from evaporator
  • Checking cleanliness of evaporator coil and pan
  • Cleaning your air conditioner condenser (seasonal)
  • Checking refrigerant charge
  • Submit recommendations if necessary

Call our office for pricing. (405) 722-2491